Hiking-Trekking on Donoussa

Replete with picturesque trails used by the locals daily in the old days, Donoussa's trails are 
an opportunity to get acquainted with the island.

Authentic Cycladic landscapes -- scented by summer savory and sage -- and superb views reward any fatigue that may be experienced.

Most trails have been marked, sign posted and easy to follow.

Following are some suggestions:

Donoussa: Hiking its Trails

03 Dec 2013The hiking - trekking trails on Donoussa. And what to see along the way.

The bay of Kalotaritissa as seen from the top of Mt. Papas.

Trail #1 Stavros - Kalotaritissa

29 Aug 2013This is the longest and perhaps the most interesting walking route on the island. The trail starts from Stavros, the main settlement, and leads to the Donoussa hinterland.

Kedros; Inset: Views of the mines

Trail #2 Kedros - Messaria

12 Jun 2014This trails used to be part of the route that connected Kampos and Merssini, with the settlements of Ano and Kato Messaria as intermediate stops.

Trail #3 Merssini - Livadi

29 Aug 2013The trail starts at the Church of Agia Sophia in Merssini and leads to a hilltop after a walk of about 20 minutes, with Fykio beach seen on the right. It continues in a westerly direction and shortly ends in Livadi, one of the island’s most alluring beaches. The best spot is roughly in the middle of the route, at the water spring.

Right: Kedros beach; Cove of Gerantoni

Trail #4 Kedros - Kato Mylos

12 Jun 2014This beautiful trail was once used by the inhabitants of Kampos to transport theblend of wheat and barley to Kato Mylos for milling.

Right: Limni and the Cape of Aspros Kavos; left: Gerogiannis Bay

Trail #5 Stavros - Limni - Aspros Kavos

12 Jun 2014This trail crosses the entire western side of the island and ends at Limni –a closed natural bay with a small sandy beach pebbly seabed that served as an anchorage for local boats before the port was constructed.