Delight in Donoussa

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  • 22 Nov 2013

Donoussa caters to visitors seeking a natural, organic vacation hideaway, with beaches untouched and small village settlements that offer a window into a world of the past. ...

Donoussa's Kedros BeachDonoussa's Kedros Beach

A new wave of young fans has brought a cool vibe to Donoussa.

In the summer months, bars with a chill-out motif work alongside traditional village tavernas that serve dishes using regional and local ingredients.

Newly-created trails weave through the island’s nature paths and places of interest including churches, old mines, villages and old settlements.

Special to the island are the ruins of a Geometric settlement; caves, more specifically the Fokospilia (seal cave) and Tihos cave (accessible by boat); and its magnificent views of the Aegean sea and islands in the distance.

  • Basic Info:
    Access from Naxos*
    [*Please note: schedules/timetables are subject to change. Please contact your travel agent and/or the airline/sea transport line for the latest schedule information.]
    [Please note: Peak season usually begins from the Greek Orthodox Easter holiday, late Spring and continues to early Fall - mid October
    • Local ferry - Express Skopelitis, 3x per week (approximately 4 hours); year round - daily , except Sundays
    • Ferry line 3x per week during the off-peak winter season, and 4x per week during the peak summer months (approximately 1 hr and 10 min)
  • Location: Northern most island of the Cyclades, east of Naxos, north of Amorgos
  • Size: Area of 13.5 sq. km 
  • Highest peak: Mt. Papas 385 metres (1300 feet)
  • Population: Approximately 183 (permanent residents, as of 2011)
  • Number of Beaches Accessible by Foot/Water Taxi: 7
  • Hiking Trails: 5 [(ranging from 20 min. (.9km)– 1.5 hours (4.4 km)]
  • Claim to fame: Pirates’ hideaway
  • Don’t miss: The fantastic views of the Cycladic isles in the distance from certain hilltops; seal cave (reachable by boat only)
  • What to eat: Patatato (goat with potatoes); The traditional dish is usually served at weddings, baptisms, and traditional feasts (panygiri).
  • Best time to go: Late May-September