High-quality thyme honey and cheeses (myzithra, xinomyzithra, anthotyro and hard cheese) figure prominently among Iraklia’s range of local produce.

You will also find aranista (a type of frumenty or trahana) and pittaridia (homemade pasta). In the local taverns ask for locally grown fava, fish and tasteful local meat.

At Easter the culinary tradition dictates lamb or goat in the oven stuffed with liver, rice, spring onions and dill, while on festive days the range of desserts includes melitinia (small sweet cheese pies), xerotigana (fried dumplings) and the customary pasteli (honey with sesame seeds bar).

Photo credit: Yiannis Gavalas

Fava (split peas)

02 Aug 2013Bring the fava to the boil and keep removing the froth that accumulates on top.


Easter sweet with cottage cheese


Heat the honey in a pan and add the sesame seeds little by little while stirring with a wooden spoon till the mixture becomes thick but not hard.

Pittaridia (Handmade Pasta)

Put the flour in a basin and add the water while mixing till you get a smooth but firm dough.

Stuffed goat

Ask the butcher to cut off the hind legs of the goat –at an angle so that we can later sew the belly.