How to Get to Iraklia

You’ve decided to explore some or all of the beautiful islands of the Small Cyclades: Iraklia, Schinoussa, Koufonissia, Donoussa – the four gems of the Aegean – that are part of the municipality of Naxos.

Some closer to Naxos than others, they all offer something a little different. Of course, one thing they all share in common, are gorgeous beaches and a more relaxed, remote holiday experience.

If you’re visiting Naxos, consider the option of visiting these tiny islands as well.

These four tiny islands, surrounding Naxos, are accessible only by sea.
Note: They each also have a helipad.

The following article provides additional information on to get to the island of Iraklia.

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Always contact your travel agent and/or the airline/sea transport line for the latest schedule information as schedules/timetables are subject to change. Peak season usually begins from the Greek Orthodox Easter holiday, late Spring and continues to early Fall - mid October].

Kalo taxidi!

You can reach Iraklia from Naxos via the local ferry, Express Skopelitis (Monday - Saturday) or via Blue Star Ferries ship from Naxos or from Athens (3x per week).

The Basics: How to Get to Iraklia

03 Feb 2016You've decided to visit the island of Iraklia, the closest of the four islands known as the Small Cyclades to Naxos. Just 1 hour by ship and 1.5 hours by local ferry, Iraklia is also the largest of the islands of the Small Cyclades.