Where to Stay

The islands of the Small Cyclades, some more developed than others, are similar in that they offer “the luxury” of being close to exotic sandy beaches with golden sands and turquoise waters.

Koufonissia, despite it being the smallest of the Small Cyclades (and all of the Cycladic islands, for that matter), for its size, features the most “beds” or places to stay.

The accommodations are located on Ano (Upper) Koufonissi as Kato (Lower) Koufonissi is not inhabited except for a taverna open in the summer for guests visiting the beaches when taking an excursion to the island.

Traditional in style, the Cycladic cubed complexes, house studios, apartments, hotels and villas.  The categories range from 1 to 5-star and villas, with the majority in the 2-3-star range. Most are equipped with kitchenettes, private balconies, breakfast, views and access to the beach.

The accommodations dot the island’s 2.5 km coastline road, with a few higher up on the island’s parallel peripheral road. The island, generally flat with no hills or mountains, offers views of Keros and nearby Naxos from almost anywhere you stay.

The accommodations closest to downtown are in Chora, where most of the after-beach and nightlife action takes place. Except for Pori, which is a bit farther down the coast, access to Chora is reachable on foot and or bicycle from the beaches and accommodations located along the coast.

Have a nice stay!

Christinas's House

Feeling the need for relaxation and escape from the routine of the city you can travel to the center of the Aegean in a paradise called Koufonisi.The  unique beaches with crystal clear waters, it will be a pleasant surprise for the most discerning guest.

Dafnis Koufonisia

Our modern studios consist of double, triple rooms or rooms with four beds. The guests can choose between studios (2&3 people) or studios with two rooms (4 people)...


Daskalio rooms is only 5 minutes by feet along the sandy beach of the port of koufonisi.


Glaros fully equipped rooms, owned by Mrs. Sofia Soultania are situated next to the island's main beach.

Koufonisia Rooms

They were built in 2006 with Cycladic architecture in the center of the village and only 300 meters from the central beach of our village  and they are equip with..

To Kyma

MARIA PRASINOU “TO KYMA” is located at the main island beach only 3 meters from the sea and offers an unlimited view of the Aegean.