Bike Riding on Naxos Island

Bike riding on Naxos island is a great way to expore the island. Its considerable size, rich natural environment, broad variety of scenery and landscape -- from the coastal to the upland areas -- make it suitable "terrain" for mountain as well as road biking.

The range of options for biking riding on Naxos is wide, from rural roads to exciting trails and specially-designed cycling routes in various parts of the island.

Below we set out some of these very interesting routes especially designed for cyclists. But don’t let us preclude your talent for exploration; there are dozens of others waiting for you to discover.

Mountain Biking Naxos: An Intro

03 Dec 2013Certainly there are not many destinations that can boast a mountain biking route that passes a 6th century ancient temple, medieval fortress, Byzantine church, populated age-old mountain villages as it makes its way through mountains of marble, Cyclopean rock formations, massifs, green valleys, rivers, streams, gorges and roads that...

Route 1: Wild North (“The King”)

This impressive route includes a stretch along the almost uninhabited northeastern coast of the island which ends at the fishing village of Apollonas.

Route 2: Tragea and the Rocky Arid Zone of Apano Kastro

This picturesque route offers a great first impression of Naxos’s varied landscape. Riding off from Chora, the island’s main town, take a slight uphill in a southeasterly direction.

Route 3: A Tour of Two Valleys

A 25 km route route the begins from Chora on the eastbound road to Aggidia. with and ascent of 350m, medium level of difficulty and appropriate for mountain bikes.

Route 4: Hills, Plains and Beach

This is a greatly varied route on the hills around Chora. An asphalt and dirt road route of 24km, with an 572m and a medium level of difficulty that is appropriate for mountain bikes.

Route 5: Villages, Fields, Beaches

This greatly varied route combines villages somewhat isolated from tourism with attractive beaches. The 52km route of asphalt and dirt with an ascent of 370m and medium difficulty level is suitable for touring and mountain bikes.