Hiking-Trekking on Naxos Island

Explore hiking and trekking on Naxos Island. The island features a network of footpaths that measure hundreds of kilometers in total length.

These natural trails once constituted the main means of access and transportation from one village to another, and from the settlements to the fields and other farming areas from antiquity to the late 1960’s.

Of these walking trails and rural tracks on Naxos Island, we propose seven specific routes, which have also been set on map.

By exploring this network of trails of cultural interest –which will be updated and extended- trekkers will have the opportunity to admire an environment of particular natural beauty and acquaint themselves with the island’s history and culture.

The proposed routes offer direct access to ancient monuments, medieval towers, traditional farmsteads, monasteries, churches and chapels but also to water fonts and mills providing insight to various aspects of the life of the people of Naxos.

The 9th century church of Agia Kyriaki in the Kalloni area.

Trail 1: Aperathou-Emery Mines

08 Apr 2014This is the old mule trail treaded by workers from Apiranthos to the emery mines. Stone paved for the best part, it crosses a lush and varied landscape.

Trail 10: Koronos - Lionas

21 May 2016Koronos - Tihio - Kalamafka - Avdelli (Panagia Avdeliotissa) - Lionas

Trail 11: Kynidaros - Eggares

22 May 2016Kynidaros - Bridge of Mylou - [Chalantra (Ag. Artemios & Dimitrios)] - Agios Georgios - PradounaTower - Mesa Geitonia - (Monastiriotissa) - Eggares

The route towards the summit of Mt. Za, the highest mountain peak in the Cycladic region.

Trail 2: A Circular Trail Starting at Filoti

08 Apr 2014This circular route begins at the eastern approach to Filoti, Naxos’s largest, animal farming village in the center of the island, then follows an uphill route from the chapel of Irini on a mountain slope with rich tree vegetation and vineyards and soon reaches the nodal point of Agia Marina, at the foot of Zas, the highest mountain in...

The fortified monastery of Christ Photodotis, which commands
sweeping views of eastern Naxos and the coast.

Trail 3: Through the Heart of the Tragea Valley

08 Apr 2014A trail that takes you to the heart of the Tragea valley and to the Church of Panagia Protothronos at Chalki, a gem which has dominated Tragea’s Byzantine “park” for 15 centuries as well as many other monuments.

Left:  Agios Georgios Diassoritis and right,  the historic Barozzi/Gratsias/Fragopoulos tower house at the village of Chalki

Trail 4: Olive Groves & Byzantine Park of Tragea

08 Apr 2014This hiking - trekking trail follows a circular route around the largest part of the olive grove and the Byzantine “park” of Tragea, taking in the traditional, special-character settlements of Chalki - old commercial and administrative center in the Naxos uplands, Monitsia, Moni, Kaloxylos and Akadimi. It may be divided in two...