Products of Naxos

Due to its size, central position in the Aegean Sea and natural wealth Naxos has been self-sufficient since antiquity.

Its olive oil and fruit was renowned throughout the archipelago, while its wine was likened to the nectar consumed by the Gods.

Naxos is also renowed for its unique cheeses, such as arseniko, gruyere, myzithra, xinomyzithra, touloumotyri, anthotyro, afromyzithra, thilykotyri, kefalotyri, kopanisti, ladotyri, manouri.

The island also produces excellent thyme honey and good wine, while the potatoes of Naxos have a history, taste and fine quality that has made it famous.

The island’s fertile land continues to supply pure ingredients to the Naxian cuisine, while hundreds of traditional recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation have contributed to the creation of a plethora of flavorful dishes.

Arseniko Cheese

Arseniko is a kind of spicy kefalotyri cheese produced in the traditional way in the pens of Naxos uplands, using sheep's or goat's full milk with the addition of whey. 

Citron Liqueur

Naxos’s renowned citron liqueur is one of three Greek aperitifs marketed with a  Protected Designation of Origin. 


Due to its rich flora and high fluctuations in altitude, Naxos is ideal for the production of honey.

Naxian Cheese

Milk-producing cows have been reared on Naxos since the 16th century and so, cheeses from cows milk are a very old affair. There are references to cheese even in ancient texts, while for other varieties only the oral tradition survives. Here is an overview of just a few of the most popular ... and, delicious!

Naxos Potatoes

Naxos is well-known for the quality and taste of its potatoes, which are cultivated especially in the valley of Livadi. 

Olives and Olive Oil

Olives and the oil extracted from them figure prominently among Naxian farmingproducts. More than 270,000 olive trees are cultivated on some 3,000 hectares on the island -- roughly half of them in the Tragea basin.