Naxian cuisine stands out for its authenticity and flavor.

It is a cuisine replete with fragrances of the earth and the sea, full of products of unique taste, and ideal base for novel, tasteful and nutritious dishes.

Naxian cuisine
carries the distillate of many different elements of a rich and age-old culture.

They are frugal and unpretentious elements, exactly as those of the earth where the culture sprang from. With flavors, colors and fragrances such as those of the olive tree, the grapes, the thyme and the citrus fruit.

The frugality of the means of ages past is reflected in many imaginative dishes made with local materials and pure products that defy time to excite even the most demanding palates. Their main feature, however, is the balance of flavors and the purity of ingredients of the Naxian cuisine that make it ideal for health and longevity - in line with the famous Mediterranean cuisine of which it is part.

Vivlos - Provatsa (Sea lavender) with Pork

“Provatsa” is the leafy part of sea lavender and grows in abundance around Greece, where it is also known as “amarando.”

Apiranthos - Kolokythopastitsa

Slice the pumpkin and the onions into small sticks and spread the flour over them. 

Apiranthos - Koukoulomaeria

Soak the koukoula and the beans in water overnight.

Apiranthos - Manoura with Eggs

Fry the manoura and once it starts to melt, break the eggs over it, adding salt and pepper.

Apiranthos - Quince spoon sweet

Choose quinces that are not very ripe. Wash them well and peel them, though not too deeply. 

Apiranthos - Rifi with Patouda

Wash all the vegetables and herbs, chop them finely, blanch them and place them in a colander to drain overnight.