Restaurants and Tavernas on Naxos


Visitors can taste genuine recipes of Apeiranthos, such as...


Award winning restaurant with certification "Aegean Cuisine".

Anda Jaleo

We´ve all dreamed some day of being able to change our lives at once. Dreamed about the idea of escape from the traffic jams in the morning when going to work. Escape from our “interesting” stress lives early morning meeting full of irreducible winner’s killer’s looks. Stopping being journalist already tired of the corpse odor it spread...

Annas organic shop and gardencafé

Our shop is the only business on Naxos, which offers exclusively organic food.


"Apanemi" is not a common fish tavern, it’s a special place, one of those who are so difficult to find!


Axiotissa is situated on the road to the beautiful beach of Kastraki, in Naxos. There, in a pleasant and friendly environment we await to welcome you and make sure you enjoy the food and maximize satisfaction/pleasure from it.