Cultural Heritage & Tradition on Naxos

The cultural heritage and tradition on Naxos Island thrives today with the rich traditions of the past continue until today.

has always nurtured a lively relationship between man and art, ever since the first statuettes, the first vessels and the first creations in marble by known and unknown technicians in the Proto-Cycladic period (3200-2000 BC).

Temples and sanctuaries, citadels, mansions and humble folk houses were mingled into the indissoluble web of time together with traditional crafts, such as weaving, wood carving, iconography etc.

Alongside, music, song, feasting and dance gave an outlet to joy, the sorrows and the dreams of the people of Naxos, leaving an invaluable legacy to modern researchers.

Visitors to Naxos are sure to experience many of these customs and traditions as the cultural heritage and tradition on Naxos continues today, especially during the holidays and special events that take place throughout the year.

Folk Art

Naxos has a rich history of folk art that continues today, as it's traditions are handed down generation to generation through the centuries. 

Folk Fetes

Folk fetes on Naxos go back to time immemorial and are mainly associated with the celebration of saints’ name days.

Music and Dance: An Overview

Feasting, music and dance were always deeply embedded in the life of Naxiots, being means of expressing feelings and emotions, as well as antidotes to adversity and sorrow.

The “Aperathou Women’s Traditional Crafts Cooperative,” shop in the village of Apiranthos is located near the village square across from the church of the Panagia.

Traditional Handmade Fabrics

31 Jul 2013The art of weaving was an integral and important part of tradition in Apiranthos in the past.