Geography & Nature of Naxos Island

The geography and nature of Naxos offers an authenticity, richness and simplicity that is an experience to discover and explore.

The island is marked by great variety: mountains with ravines, caves and gullies shade verdant valleys with olive, fig, orange, lemon trees and vineyards, abundant waters.

Nikos Kazantzakis, Greece’s foremost 20th century writer, once wrote about the time he spent as a teenager in Naxos’ fertile valley of Eggares: “If paradise was on Earth, it would be here.”

The valleys end at smooth, sandy beaches adorned with juniper and tamarisk trees; villages are surrounded by fields and vegetable gardens; migratory birds find refuge on trees, while wild pigeons and swifts in the inaccessible coastal rocks.

Protected biotopes with rare fauna and flora complete the mosaic of an island that offers the visitor all the lavish gifts of nature.

The seabed surrounding Naxos also offers another, exciting world, with marine ecosystems of astounding beauty, huge variety, reefs and rocks full of life, meadows of Posidonia oceanica with colorful plates and reefs.

Just choose your route, either on or off shore, and abandon yourself to the magic of Naxos’ geography and nature. The thrill is there for you to discover and experience throughout the year.

A magical moment in Naxos when 90 flamingos visit the island (photos)

02 Apr 2017On April 1st, about 90 gorgeous flamingos visited the wetland of Mikri Vigla Naxos offering a magnificent spectacle to those who got a chance to see them! 

Alyko Juniper Forest

Alyko peninsula, in southwestern Naxos, is home to one of Greece’s largest and densest juniper forests.

Ammitis Wetland

A 13-acre wetland at the estuary of the Skoulikaria stream, at Ammitis beach, forms a haven of biodiversity and rest station for migratory birds.

Biotopes - Natura 2000

Naxos’s particular environmental profile –the result of mild, traditional forms of land use that have traditionally been applied, even though at a decreasing rate- has received international recognition


Emery, a very hard type of rock with important industrial uses as an abrasive and burnishing agent, is found in abundance on the slopes of Mt. Amomaxis of Naxos, between the villages of Koronos and Apiranthos.


Naxos boasts a varied topography and a broad range of different natural habitats.