Naxos Villages

Visit and tour the villages of Naxos for a unique experience, and journey into the history and past of the island, with myths and heroes, medieval legends, folk customs that survive intact to this day.

Coastal areas are refreshed by Aegean Sea breezes, the uplands by mountain coolness. Colors alternate, and so do the sounds: the waves, the gurgling waters of a stream, the squeaking reeds, the rustling leaves and so many other sounds accompany the visitor on every step.

Churches and monasteries of rare historical value, mansions and towers, caves, trails, mines, threshing floors and vineyards give these villages a great wealth of sights that is difficult to encounter on any other island.

Visit the many Naxos villages and get carried away by their charm and uniqueness.

Aggidia Village

11 Jul 2013The pretty little village of Aggidia, built in amphitheatric fashion at the southwestern foot of Chrysostomos hill, 3km from Chora, gazes at the fertile Livadia valley below, the main town and the blue sea further beyond.

Agios Arsenios (Agersani) Village

11 Jul 2013Agios Arsenios, or Agersani as the locals call it, is one of the largest villages of western Naxos and near some of the island’s most attractive beaches, Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna and the seemingly endless expanse of Plaka.

Agios Thalleleos Village

12 Jul 2013The village of Agios Thalleleos is one of the four settlements comprising the community of Melanes, in western Naxos.

Akadimi Village

12 Jul 2013With small houses close to each other and replete with colorful gardens, the village of Akadimi, in the heart of the Tragea valley, is as pretty as a picture postcard.

Apiranthos Village

12 Jul 2013The village of Apiranthos, or “t’Aperathou” in local speech, is built at the foot of Mt. Fanari, at 600m above sea level and 28km from main town Chora.

Apollonas Village

12 Jul 2013Apollonas, the port village of the settlement of Komiaki on Naxos’s northeastern coast, has been inhabited since antiquity, mainly on account of the marble quarry that extends to the north and west.