Koudounati (bell-strapped men)

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  • 19 Sep 2013

Last Sunday of Carnival seasonBeginning at 4pm
Apiranthos settlementFree

Each year, on the last Sunday (Lent) of the carnival season, an old custom, Koudounati (bell-strapped men), is revived in Apiranthos.

Men strapped with bells and carrying Dionysian phallic symbols known locally as somba, stir up a racket while parading through the village alleys in a procession held to welcome the spring season and exorcise evil spirits.

The procession winds up at the village main square, where its participants join forces with other carnival-dressed revelers.

Together, they plunge into celebration with singing and dance accompanied by traditional bag-pipe (tsabouna) and percussion (toumbaki) sounds for a party that lasts well into the night.

Directions for access
A road connects the settlement of Apiranthos with Naxos’ main town, Chora. 
Parking space available at the village entrance.
Public transport info Public transport service runs on a more regular basis during the summer months. 
Accessibility for wheelchairs
Accessible for wheelchairs.