No Place Like Naxos

With a family originally from the island of Chios, Lambrinoudakis, emeritus professor of classical archeology at the University of Athens, has spent most of his career working on Naxos.

No Place Like Naxos: 
“On Naxos, I Love not Five, but Five Thousand Things”

22 May 2014Vassilios Lambrinoudakis is emeritus professor of classical archeology at the University of Athens and honorary citizen of Naxos.  For over 50 years, he has worked on some of Naxos's and Greece's most significant excavations, including the Temple of Demeter at Gyroulas, Sagri; the prehistoric Mycenaean city of Grotta; the island's...

Yiannis Papadakos

No Place Like Naxos: "Value for Money"

20 May 2014Born and raised in Chora, Naxos, video director, Yiannis Papadakos, says he holds an objective opinion when it comes to Naxos and what it as to offer the visitor. We met with him one morning on a ship headed towards Pireaus. On his way back from spending the three-day weekend on the island for Carnival, we asked him to share with us his...

Nenele Georgele at Sahara Beach, Mikri Vigla

No Place Like Naxos: An Endless Beach Coastline that’s "Just for Me"

10 Apr 2014Athenian, Nenele Georgele, journalist at newspaper the Athens Voice and head of HOMEmag, has chosen Naxos as her holiday destination for the past several years. We asked her to share with us some of her favorite things about vacationing on Naxos...

Marine: "The hiking trails always leave me in awe ..."

No Place Like Naxos: From Nice, France to Naxos

10 Apr 2014Marine, hotel receptionist and host, doesn't recall much from her first visit to Naxos. She was just a baby. She had arrived for her Christening.  Born in Nice, France, Marine’s father is from Naxos and her mother from France.In 2006, Marine made Naxos her permanent home ...

Manolis Santorineos at one of his favorite beaches, "Monous."

No Place Like Naxos: The Seven Wonders of Naxos According to Manolis

25 May 2014Manolis Santorineos is a civil servant whose hobby is taking to the Naxian mountains, valleys and villages and documenting the island’s treasures. Since his quest began in he has trekked through 50-60 trails and identified, photographed and mapped 620 churches.  And that’s not all.

Lefteris Eleftheriou

No Place Like Naxos:

 "The Source of My Artistic Expression"

11 Oct 2014Lefteris Eleftheriou, well-known and popular actor in Greece, was born and raised on Naxos, both in downtown Chora and in the mountainous village, Apiranthos.  We spoke with him recently and asked him to share with us five of his favorite things about Naxos ...