Industrial and Other Sights

Ancient Founts at Galini

A very pleasant walk on an old footpath near Galini, leading to some ancient founts in the Messonissi area, take you back to Naxos’s Byzantine past.

Aries Spring

Aries Spring is located 2km from Filoti, at a picturesque spot with a wonderful view of the village.

Emery Mines

An area of some 250 acres on the slopes of Mt. Amomaxis, in the northeastern part of Naxos, is dotted with hundreds of small emery (smyrida in Greek) mines which date from the Bronze Age to the present.

Emery Transportation Cable Railway

The transportation of emery from the mines to the shipping stations at Moutsouna and Lionas was initially conducted with donkeys over rough trails but this was both energy- and time-consuming.

Emery Workers’ Boatbuilding Yard

An old small boat building and repair yard (trasanas in the local dialect) is situated at the beginning of Lionas beach. 

Ioannis Sakelliadis Οlive Μill

Ioannis Sakelliadis’s olive mill is housed in the Kokkos tower house in Kaloxylos, which, according to an official record, was built before 1664.