Items from the museum's collection include (from left): marble statue of "Antonius, the Roman General" excavated from Iria in 1986; early Cycladic figurine from the island of Keros (2800-2300 B.C.); and marble Kouros (mid 6th cent. B.C.).

A Morning at the Archaeological Museum of Naxos

18 May 2014Take the time to spend an hour or two at the Archaeological Museum on Naxos and go back thousands of centuries by viewing items and artifacts left behind from civilizations that lived on the island Naxos and nearby islands from as far back as the late Neolithic period to Early Christian times.

Apiranthos Folklore Museum

Located at Apiranthos’s main square, Platsa, the Apiranthos Folklore Museum possesses over 1,200 items of popular art –all donated by locals.

Apiranthos Geological Museum

The Geological Museum of Apeiranthos belongs administratively to the “Municipality of Naxos and Small Cyclades”. It worked as a small collection of minerals and ores from 1964 in the building of the Primary School of Apeiranthos with the initiative of Manolis Glezos. The visitor - depending on his time and interests - can choose between...

Apiranthos Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum of Apiranthos, set up in 1966, displays a wide array of samples of the area’s flora and fauna.

Apiranthos Small Archaeological Museum

A modest establishment in Apiranthos’s main street hosts the most important archaeological finds of the area.

Apiranthos Visual Arts Museum

The Visual Arts Museum of Apiranthos, housed at the culture center’s ground level, is located on the main road prior to the village entrance.