Annual Events on Naxos

Naxos' calendar year features numerous folk customs manifested through various festivals and events - some of them of simply symbolic nature.

Ancient ways and customs have lived on through folk rituals, both unadulterated and adapted to the religious, social and economic conditions of respective eras.

Scores of worthy cultural events organized annually by the Municipality of Naxos and Small Cyclades come as an addition to this wealth of customs and festivities.

As a whole, the events create an interesting cultural mosaic that is impressive for both Greeks and visitors from abroad.

Celebration of Ai Giannis Klidonas

26 Sep 2014One of the biggest summer celebrations on Naxos takes place on June 24.

Sagri, Naxos.


30 Sep 2014The Demetria event, a cultural institution on Naxos, is held every year during the first week of August at Sagri, a traditional village and location of the archaeological site of the Temple of Demeter, a sanctuary built in honor of the the goddess of agriculture.

Domus Festival at the Venetian Museum

26 Sep 2014The Venetian Museum on Naxos, one of the most charming mansions of Kastro -Naxos’ medieval citadel on the northwestern side, hosts various musical events, including jazz, classical guitar, and piano performances.

Elaia Festival

26 Sep 2014The Elaia Arts Festival, held at Kaloxylos, Naxos, early in August, offers visitors the opportunity to become acquainted with artists through their work.

Events organized by the Municipality of Naxos and Small Cyclades

26 Sep 2014Each year, the Municipal Authority of Naxos and Small Cyclades organizes various events during the summer months, offering visitors the opportunity to become acquainted with various aspects of life on the island.

Feast of Traditional Olive Oil Extraction in Damalas

16 Jul 2013The annual event of extracting olive oil the traditional way at the restored oil mill in Damalas attracts broad public participation and develops into a feast. Traditional delicacies and wine are served to the sound of traditional music.