Religious Celebrations & Festivals on Naxos

Naxos’s folk fetes are centuries old and most are linked with the observance of saints’ name days.

Especially in the summer months, visitors have the opportunity to attend these events that combine religious sentiment with the island’s music and dance tradition.

Dance, song and food combine to form happenings where both locals and guests can revel until the early morning hours. Many virtually forgotten fetes have been revived in recent years.

Agios Nikodemos Celebration

30 Sep 2014Naxos’s patron saint, Agios Nikodemos Agioritis, is honored on July 14 in the main town, Chora, and in the village of Glinado.

Ai Giannis Traditional Celebration

16 Jul 2013The church of Ai Giannis (St. John)-- Apiranthos’s patron saint -- celebrates annually on August 29.

Celebration of Chryssopolitissa at Chora

30 Sep 2014The holiday of Isodia Theotokou (Entrance of Virgin Mary into the Temple) is celebrated in splendor and with the attendance of large crowds at the Church of Panagia Chryssopolitissa -- Chora’s patron saint -- and then at the Cathedral of Zoodochos Pigi on November 21.

On Holy Friday, midday, at the church of Panagia Drossiani, the women share a special Lenten raisin-walnut bread with parishioners.

Discover the Rich Traditions of Easter in the Villages of Naxos

25 Mar 2014One of the key characteristics of Naxos as a destination is its many, well-populated villages.  Adopting some elements of modern lifestyle and maintaining many aspects of their old world charm, these villages are steadfast in keeping their rich traditions and customs alive.


Epiphany in Kourounochori

16 Jul 2013After the end of Holy Mass in the church in Kourounochori on Epiphany Day, January 6, the priest and the congregation descend to the  Trano gardens below for the ceremony of the blessing of the waters.

Kourounochori – Vespers of Love

16 Jul 2013In the villages of Kourounochori and Myli, after the  Vespers of Love in late Easter Sunday afternoon, the congregation of the church follows the processional litany of the icon of the Resurrection around the settlements.