Naxos is breaking every record on tourist arrivals this year

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  • 12 Aug 2016

An unprecedented number of tourist arrivals in Naxos this summer!

The island of Ariadne is literally "filled to capacity" breaking every record on tourist arrivals, according to official figures by the Port Authority, which speak for record arrivals in July. Specifically in July passenger arrivals on the island, on all ships (excluding Sea Jet passengers), totaled 99. 020, a record number in Naxos considering the previous record was in 2001 with 97.498 arrivals.
Regarding the number of vehicles, July saw a jump as there were 27% more trucks, 28% more motorcycles and 48% (!!) more cars than a year ago!
According to all indications the month of August is expected to be even busier, considering that all hotels have 100% occupancy and it becomes extremely difficult to find a rental unless you are lucky ... and there is a cancellation.
The ships that will be arriving in the next couple of days have 100% occupancy as well, expected to peak during the weekend of the Assumption where according to the survey of, Naxos is the third most popular destination in Greece.
It is worth mentioning that in the corresponding survey last year, Naxos was in the fifteenth place while there were other Cycladic islands on the list. This year Naxos is the only Cycladic island on the list for the most popular destinations for the holiday of the Assumption.