Hiking-Trekking on Schinoussa

Schinoussa’s low and smooth slopes are replete with stone-paved or ordinary footpaths suitable for hiking.

A walk round the island takes up to 2h 30min, even if walking is not your strong point.

Various routes begin from the port, Chora and Messaria, ending at beautiful beaches or enchanting spots with unlimited views of the Aegean blue.

Chora - Almyros

27 Aug 2013An easy, 1.5km route crossing the old settlement of Stavros before leading to the top of Prophitis Ilias hill, site of an ancient fort. It ends at Almyros beach.

Chora - Livadi

27 Aug 2013An uphill, 1km trail with superb views of Ofidoussa and Agrilos islets, ending at Livadi beach.

Chora - Messaria

27 Aug 2013An easy, 2km, route which crosses the island’s interior.

Chora - Port

12 Jun 2014An easy walk that passes by the Cave of Maniatis towards the port.

Chora - Tsigouri

27 Aug 2013A short trail that ends at the cosmopolitan beach of Tsigouri, which offers superb views of neighboring islands. The ruins of a Hellenistic and Roman period settlement and a paleo-Christian basilica have been found in this area.

Chora - Vardies peak - Gerolimnionas

12 Jun 2014A 3.5km. hike that leads to the island’s highest peak.