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For such a small island, Schinoussa is just overflowing with places to eat!

In fact, the locals pride themselves on their cornucopia of dining choices.

Predominantly based on the philosophy of using local products cultivated on local farms, visitors can expect to find juicy tomatoes, sweet fruit, and, of course, the fabulous Schinoussan fava … and that’s just the beginning …

Ailouros Café Bar

Ailouros Café Bar, a good choice for breakfast and an ideal place to enjoy a snack and a cocktail watching the sunset.

Kafe Stou Peri

Kafe Stou Peri snack bar, an all-day café bar with drinks, meze and snack menu.


Kentro-Kafeneio, is small but carries a long history as is evident by its stopped-in-time decor. Kafeneio is a must-stop for its coffee, handmade sweets and for watching the people who frequent it.