Products of Schinoussa

Schinoussa produces excellent farming products (beef, pork, cheeses such as ladotyri, xinotyro and kopanisti, and honey) but is especially famed for its goat’s meat, split peas, cow pea pods and its dry farming cucumbers–which have a very particular taste.

They are all served in tavernas but are also available in local shops.

Top of the list of local dishes are patatato (goat’s meat with potatoes and herbs casserole), chtapodi giouvetsi (baked octopus with pasta) and pitaridia (home-made pasta boiled in goat’s milk).

At Easter, lamb is baked in an earth oven with rice and herbs,and is accompanied by melitinia (pies with cream cheese, egg and sugar).

At weddings, they offer pasteli (sesame seed and honey candy), xerotigana (fried dumplings with honey) and rakomelo (raki spirit with honey)–which is also served in local establishments.

Ampelofasoula (Cowpea pods)

Cowpea pods is a seasonal vegetable grown on Schinoussa and sold in local grocery stores or by the farmers themselves.

Dry Cultivation Cucumbers

Schinoussa’s dry cultivation cucumbers are a seasonal vegetable of distinct taste, sold either by local greengrocers or the farmers themselves.

The fava plant on Schinoussa

Fava (split chickpeas)

Fava, a legume of high nutritional value, is produced on Schinoussa in small quantities and is of excellent quality.

Fava the Fabulous!

Please your palate with this protein-rich pea puree, a Schinoussa island special


Schinoussa honey is produced in small quantities and is of high quality. 

Rakomelo (Raki spirit with honey)

Rakomelo is a common alcoholic drink in the Cycladic islands, made of local raki spirit and honey, but the Schinoussa variety has its own distinct taste and aroma.