Schinoussa at a Glance

Featuring a strange,rugged beauty, and nature that beckons for exploration, Schinoussa is an island which promises unforgettable vacations to the visitor.

It has many characteristics which make it a wonderful “refuge:” Its harbor is well-known as a good shelter, the beaches with golden sand are as a rule approached without any difficulty, and the climate of the island is so mild that is reminiscent of summer even in winter.

Small Schinoussa wants to reward its visitors for their journey there, and so ensures that their stay is as pleasant as possible from the minute they anchor at its port.

Tucked in between the isles of Iraklia and Koufonissia, off the southeastern coast of Naxos, Schinoussa promises unique experiences in the surrounding expanse of turquoise and deep blue waters, romantic sunsets, nights under the moonlight straight out of fairy tales, exciting hiking trails but also unforgettable gastronomic delights.

It retains its traditional character unspoiled and offers you the relaxing holidays sought by those looking for isolated spots in the Aegean archipelago.

The island has no public transport facilities, which adds to its picturesque character.  Besides, its small area and relatively smooth landscape allow easy access throughout on foot. But is it also possible to hire bicycles and mopeds to explore the hinterland, or a boat to explore the highly indented coastline.

Intro to Schinoussa

Schinoussa is a pretty and quite little island of 8.14 km², lying south of Naxos and NE of Iraklia.

Overlooking Schinoussa's Tsigouri beach

Sail, Taste, Climb Schinoussa

22 Nov 2013Hiking, beach hopping, food tasting, sailing, AND rock climbing!.