Enjoy farm-to-table cooking lessons on request at Platia Restaurant in Galini.

Farm-to-Table Cooking Lessons at Platia Restaurant in Galini

19 Jan 2016Enjoy a cooking lesson on Naxos Island and learn about local recipes and products used in traditional dishes.

Intro to Kitro

27 Oct 2014Wine & spirits aficionados and visitors who want to experience tasting the local products of the places they visit, are recommended to seek out the spirit known as “Kitro."

Naxos: The King of Cheese

27 Oct 2014On Naxos it’s all about saying and tasting cheese! Hard, soft, salty, white, yellow, masculine and feminine. When it comes cheese varieties, Naxos offers more than just a sampler. It is one of Greece’s leading producers of cheese.

Naxos’ Dairy is Delicious!

11 Oct 2014A quick-at-a-glance agricultural look at why Naxos’ land helps make the local cheese & dairy delicious!

Raki: Get Into the Spirit!

27 Oct 2014The end of October and the beginning of November signals the end of the wine harvest season and the beginning of the local tradition of distilling raki -- a clear potent alcoholic spirit -- and the celebrations that go along with it. If you are in Naxos during this time, ask about where the local “rakitizio” is happening and get ready...

Spoonfuls of Sweets

11 Oct 2014The rich culinary heritage of Greece remains timeless. Such as the case with the spoon sweets, known as “glyka tou koutaliou” literally “sweet of spoon.