Introducing Naxos

The People of Naxos and the Small Cyclades: Open Hearted and Love of Life

It has been said that people from the islands tend to see the world with an open mind, due to the vast seas that surround their land enabling them to see far beyond …  Such are the natives of Naxos and the isles of the Small Cyclades: Iraklia...

Food and Drink

The Food: Part Culinary, Part Culture, and Spoonfuls of Tradition!

Ahhh the food of Naxos and the Small Cyclades: part culinary, part culture, and spoonfuls of tradition!   Visit Naxos and the Small Cyclades (Iraklia, Schinoussa, Koufonissia and Donoussa) and whet your palate with the islands’ variety of tastes...

Naxos Town and Villages

Take a peek inside ...

Venture through Naxos’s Valleys & Villages

A visit to Naxos is not complete without exploring the island’s picturesque and well populated mountain villages.

Naxos on Foot

Traversing Naxos and the Small Cyclades: Journey for the Body, Mind and Soul

Walking or hiking amidst nature has to be one of the most invigorating recreational activities for the body, mind and soul. And on the island of Naxos and the isles of the Small Cyclades, the choice of freeing your mind on the trails varies from...

Windsurfing & Kite Surfing

Swim. Sail Smooth. Ride the wave.

Naxos and the isles of the Small Cyclades offer a variety of water sport and sailing options. Naxos is fast becoming water sports “central” for the variety of water activities it offers way beyond just swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing...

Weddings and Special Occasions

Your Dream Wedding on Naxos

Why Naxos is an ideal place to host your destination wedding and/or honeymoon or vows renewal ceremony.

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