Beaches on Koufonissia

Beaches on Koufonissia are some of the most beautiful beaches in the Cyclades. One beach succeeds another along the island’s southern coastline, from Parianos in the west to Pori in the east, and they are all spellbinding.

A track running parallel to the island’s southern coastline allows visitors to see and select the beach of their choice, which is no easy matter.

The seaside track, a longer walk than it looks on the map, is definitely a far more delightful route to take than the road running deep through the island’s hinterland. Alternatively there is the equally beautiful overland route from the village to the east side of the beach Pori. The route offers stunning views of the Interior of the island.

Regardless of which beach you choose as your favorite, one thing is certain, there are many beaches on Koufonissia that your are sure to enjoy!