Hiking, beach hopping, food tasting, sailing, AND rock climbing!. Sail, Taste, Climb Schinoussa Schinoussa’s Top 7… Beaches Not to Miss Schinoussa offers beach-hopping options galore! The somewhat circular
jagged-edged coastline of this small island (8.14 km²) means that there are
lots of beaches and coves in which to enjoy, and...
Fava the Fabulous! Please your palate with this protein-rich pea puree,
a Schinoussa island special

Where to Stay on Schinoussa

On Schinoussa — like the overall vibe of the island — the accommodations are not over the top, but rather just right.

Sweet, Savory and Sublime Schinoussa

For such a small island, Schinoussa is just overflowing with places to eat! Here is a brief look at what to eat and where

All Aboard: Schinoussa’s Aeolia

For such a small island, Schinoussa has quite a nice selection of cruises to choose from that are sure to be a treat. They are all expedited by Aeolia, a motorboat sea bus that gets its name from Aeolus, the three-mythical-characters-in-one that…

The Basics: Getting to Schinoussa

A quick guide to assist you in planning your trip.