Koufonissia at a Glance

No matter how much you’ve been prepared for — based on what you’ve heard — about the beaches of Koufonissia, what you will actually feel and see when you get there cannot be easily described. Coves with emerald waters that look like natural pools and a background of rocks uniquely sculpted by the waves compose a magical picture that fires the senses right away. For many years these two little isles were the refuge of the few those that discovered them.Today, they are favorite tourist destination all the while, keeping their exotic charm.

Koufonissia comprise two isles, Ano (Epano or Apano) and Kato Koufonissi (5.7sq.km. and 4.4sq.km. respectively), which are separated by a narrow strait 200m wide and the island of Keros.

Kato Koufonissi is virtually deserted, but has a small port and numerous small and isolated beaches.

Keros is located between the two Koufonissi islands and Schinousa, Keros was as prominent during the period of the early Cycladic civilization as Delos was during Classical antiquity.