Useful Information

Things to know when planning on visiting Schinoussa:

  • There are no banks on Schinoussa
  • There is one ATM located at Chora
  • There is a gas station on the island: +30 22850 71971, +30 6975 860 235 (Giorgos Nomikos)
  • There are no camping facilities on Schinoussa
  • There is water and electricity available for yachts after arranging with Manolis Simos +30 6977 163 591
  • There are no taxis
  • There is a helipad on Schinoussa
  • There is no community transportation to and from the villages to the beach and/or port, however, some hotels do provide transport with their hotel mini van
  • You may rent a scooter to get around: contact Faros Bikes and Maria Grispou at mobile: +30 6977 366 853
  • For boat trips around the island or to nearby Small Cyclades, contact ‘Αeolia’ tour boat-sea taxi services, Manolis Kovaios mobile: +30 6979 618 233

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