Where to Stay on Iraklia

Iraklia, and the islands of the Small Cyclades in general, offer extravagantly simple elegance, natural beauty and of course, sparkling beaches with hues of green, turquoise, blue and then some …

The Basics: How to Get to Iraklia

You’ve decided to visit the island of Iraklia, the closest of the four islands known as the Small Cyclades to Naxos. Just 1 hour by ship and 1.5 hours by local ferry, Iraklia is also the largest of the islands of the Small Cyclades.

Iraklia: What & Where to Shop

You wont need shopping therapy on the isle of Iraklia. The natural surroundings and seascape does its share to calm and detox … Still, it’s always nice to buy a “little something” from a place you’ve visited either for yourself or for a loved one.

Where to Eat on Iraklia: Tastefully Organic, Simple & Greek

The colorful little fishing boats along Iraklia’s picturesque port welcoming visitors upon their arrival is a snapshot view of what’s to come: simple, traditional Greek island elegance. … with wifi …! The same goes for the food and the tavernas on…