2-islands-in-1 with some of the Aegean’s best beaches! The Swimmingly Sensuous Isles of Koufonissia The “Idyllic” Cycladic Isle of Keros What makes this uninhabited Cycladic isle so significant?
Finds from the island exhibited at some of the world’s finest
museums is just one of the reasons.

Let’s go to the Beach …es!

Where to swim on “Ano” or Upper Koufonissi.

Kato (Lower) Koufonissi: A Little Cycladic Paradise

Explore the secluded beaches of Kato (or lower) Koufonissi

All Aboard! Koufonissia’s 4 Sea Taxis

Ranging in capacity from 50 to 150 passengers, Koufonissia’s 4 sea taxis — Marigo, Chrysopygi, Prasinos Roussetos, Taxiarchis — offer a wide selection of daily cruise options that are highly recommended to experience all the island has to offer.

The Basics: Getting to Koufonissia

A quick guide to assist you in planning your trip.