The shopping on Donoussa is limited to a few places, just enough to buy a small token or sweet delight to take back home, yet with more and more people spending the off-season on the island, the selection of shops, as is already apparent, is blossoming.

The latest arrivals to the small island are Meli, a delightful shop of unique, one-of-a-kind handmade items and objects for the individual, home or office as well as organic products; and the vegetable market, Kampos.

Souvenirs and summer items such as mugs, sunscreen, newspapers and books and local wine, too, may be found in town at Pothiti Skopelitou.

Stop in to the bakery O Fournos o Panais for a selection of spoon sweets (sweet fruit preserves) and other traditional delights. The Mini Market Donoussa in town has your basic groceries and fruit.

Also: Not quite shopping, but part of the experience is buying fresh fish from the local fishermen and having the local tavern prepare it for you fresh for lunch. In addition, ask where to get honey from local producers.