Mythical Naxos

Naxos’ mythology holds an outstanding position in the island’s web of history and civilization.

The many mythical figures in the mythology of Naxos Island: Dionysus, Zeus, Apollo, Ariadne, Demeter and many others, are woven with indelible colors in memory and time, never ceasing to stir interest and imagination.

In the island’s age-old history myths blend with reality, with abundant archaeological finds dating to all periods throwing light on the historical reality behind every myth.

Dionysus, Semele, Theseus, Ariadne, nymphs, Nereids, goddesses of the sea, tyrants, conquerors, pirates, noblemen and farmers and heroes have left their traces widely dispersed throughout the time and space of the mythology of Naxos, composing a magical game between legends and history.

A visit to the island’s many archaeological sites and museums provides a window into the mythology of Naxos.