Apiranthos Natural History Museum

Apiranthos Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum of Apiranthos on Naxos, set up in 1966, displays a wide array of samples of the area’s flora and fauna.

It is divided into two sections, one focused on the sea, the other on the land.

It includes an aquarium, an exceptional collection of shells, dolphin skeletons, whale bones, as well as an impressively large flora collection –the result of extensive research at the water basin of Perachoritis torrent.

The museum has also developed important educational activities, organizing and hosting conferences and events with themes focused on flora, fauna and ecology.

  June & August   10:30-19:30(June) / 10:30 – 21:00(August)
  22850 61725   2,50 €


Parking Parking space is available by the village entrance.
Public transport info Public transport service runs from Naxos’ main town, Chora, to Apiranthos. Routes are more frequent during the summer months.
Accessibility for wheelchairs Accessible for wheelchairs.

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