6th Panhellenic Scientific Conference “Naxos throughout the centuries”

6th Panhellenic Scientific Conference “Naxos throughout the centuries”

We would like to inform you that the 6th Scientific Conference, known under the title: “Naxos throughout the centuries”, will be held in the picturesque village Damarionas of Naxos (particularly in Andronikeio Cultural Center) in August 30 – September 2, 2018. Damarionas is in the central Naxos and is clearly distinguished from the gloriously byzantine monuments and the brilliantly landscape.

This multithematic Scientific Conference takes place in Naxos every five years and deals with issues of naxian long-term diachrony.

We aim this Conference to be at a crossroads of scholars with broader research horizons, with different searching and methodological approaches which will pursue to palimpsest of naxian diachronic presence by shaping new fields and formulating new questions. Some indicative thematic axes are the following: Archaeology and Museology, History, Philology, Literary Criticism, Folklore and Social Anthropology, Law, Economics, Sociology, Demography, Medicine and Epidemiology, Architecture, Environment and Urban Planning, Political Science, Local Administrative and Self-Government Institutions, Journalism and Communication Technologies etc.

The conference will inaugurate the president of the Academy of Athens Prof. Antonios Kounadis.

For more information: conferencenaxos.gr

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