Carnival of Naxos 2019

Carnival of Naxos 2019

Saturday 2nd of March


Sagri | 17:00

The Cultural Association of Sagri PNOES organizes the traditional event of “Kordelatoi” on the main square of Sagri


Damarionas | 19:00

The Cultural Association “Damaris” organizes the carnival event “Elaiofories” in Damarionas. Dressed in the colors of olive, carnival-goers will roam the streets of Damarionas accompanied by traditional musical instruments. The parade will finish at the square Potirou, where a carnival party will take place!

Monday 4th of March


Kynidaros, Melanes | 11:00-19:00

“Kordelades”, dressed in traditional carnival costumes, will visit Kynidaros (11:00-18:00 in Klouvatou) and will continue the festivities in Melanes (at 19:00 at the store of Vassilis Xenakis). Under the auspices of the Cultural Association of Melanes “Kouros o Ellinas”.

Tuesday 5th of March


Egares, Koronochori, Melanes  | 12:00-19:00

“Kordelades”, dressed in traditional carnival costumes, will visit the villages Egares (12:00-16:00 at the store Kapetanakis), Koronochori (16:00-19:00 at the store of Giorgis Xenakis). Under the auspices of the Cultural Association of Melanes “Kouros o Ellinas”.

Friday 8th of March

Amfi Dionyson Mnisomai: Ariadne in Naxos and the Capture of Dionysus

Vintsi  | 20:30

Under the temple of Apollo, the myth blends with the century-long history of Naxos, through the reconstruction of the arrival of Theseus and Ariadne, her wedding to Dionysus and the capture of the God by the Tyrrhenian pirates. Satyrs and Maenads accompany this initiation to the divine worship.

Saturday 9th of March

Torchlight Parades

Beach | 21:30

White sheets, black and white paint, wheat, torchlights, the sound of kettledrums and cries set the scene for the Torchlight Parades. Join us at the Ursuline School and at the Lyceum of Naxos at 19.00 and take part in the lively parade. After the parade, a traditional festivity will take place at the square of Mandilaras accompanied by traditional instruments.

Sunday 10th of March

Grand Carnival Parade

Beach | 15:30

The Grand Parade will take place on Sunday noon at the Chora beach. Groups of carnival-goers will parade in new and impressive floats, bringing joy and happiness to the visitors and spectators of the parade.


Agersani | 13:30

Festivities with “Kordelatoi” (carnival costumes) will take place on the central square of  Aghios Spyridonas. Organized by the Cultural Association of Aghios Arsenios. With the participation of the dance group of the Sports and Culture Association of Filoti.


Vivlos | 13:00

The Cultural Association of Neoi Tripodes organizes a traditional festive event with the participation of “Kordelatoi” at the square of the village.


Apeiranthos | 15:00

Bearing bells and holding symbols of Dionysus, “Koudounatoi”, dressed in traditional costumes, cause deafening noise in the narrow streets of the village, in order to welcome Spring and chase away evil spirits. A festivity with dancing and music until late at night.

Ash Monday the 11th of March


Filoti – Platanos | 10:00

Filoti welcomes once again the first day of Lent with various delicacies and the traditional bread “lagana”, accompanied by traditional music and the sounds of “Koudounatoi”.

Music and Dance Performance: Shake, Salsa and Greek Music

11th and 13th of March | Theatre “Iakovos Kambanellis” | 20:30

The Music and Dance Association of Naxos “Choroekfrasi” and the Dance Team “Street Latin Danzart: present to you the musical “Shake, Salsa and Greek Music”. Inspired by old Greek cinema and by the well-known film “Oi Thallasies oi Hantres”, they promise you an enjoyable dance experience with funny moments. Free entrance.


Vasalakis Super Market

Koutelieris – Super Market

Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Naxos

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