No Place Like Naxos: “Value for Money”

No Place Like Naxos: “Value for Money”

Yiannis Papadakos, video director, lives in Athens.  Born and raised in Chora, Naxos, he says he holds an objective opinion when it comes to Naxos and what it as to offer the visitor. We met with him one morning on a ship headed towards Pireaus. On his way back from spending the three-day weekend on the island for Carnival, we asked him to share with us his favorite things about the island where he was born.

Some of my favorite things about Naxos are:

#1 Value for money
“What I like most about Naxos is its value for money. It offers its beaches, its food for a reasonable price.”

#2 Its Authenticity
“Despite being a tourism destination, Naxos it has kept its authentic character.”

#3 The Beaches

“It has some of Greece’s best. My favorite is Agios Prokopios.”

#4 The Food
“Naxos has very good food, especially due to the vast variety of local products.”

#5 The Kastro
“It is one of the only medieval castles of its kind that is in use and able to visit.”

#6 The Villages
“The variety of villages on the island.”

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