Your Dream Wedding on Naxos

Your Dream Wedding on Naxos

There are several reasons why Naxos is a unique place to exchange or renew your wedding vows.

The locations available for couples to host the actual ceremony and after-party event on Naxos are breathtaking, and aside from the travel costs involved, can range from the more affordable and economic to the lavish. (Private villas, beach apartments, mountain village weddings, sites with historic and mythological significance, for example.)

Plus, its certainly a way to combine wedding and honeymoon in one, and provide an opportunity for close friends and family to reunite and take a trip they too may have been dreaming to take for a lifetime.

Unlike any other destination in Greece, Naxos is home to one of Greek mythology’s most engaging love stories. The love story of Ariadne and Dionysus marrying on the island of Naxos serves as a uniquely beautiful backdrop for a couple to be joined in matrimony, not to mention photo “post” points on social media.

Where else in the world may a couple get married on the spot where the god of wine and merriment fell in love with a sleeping princess?  On the island of Naxos, and more specifically, on the islet of Palatia, site of the Temple of Apollo and its grand entrance, Portara, one of the ancient worlds most significant monuments. Each year, couples inspired by the spectacular view and history choose this site for their civil marriage ceremony.

Perhaps you’re more of a barefoot on the beach type.  The endless sandy beaches on Naxos provide a vast array of choice for hosting a wedding on the beach. 

Event organizers and hotels located on the island will assist you with working out the details, including the necessary licenses and paperwork for civil weddings and or/Greek Orthodox or Catholic religious ceremonies; flowers; church; bachelor and bachelorette parties; favors; decorations; makeup; catering; horse & carriage; photographer/video etc.

We look forward to being invited to your wedding on Naxos!

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