Mikri Vigla – Parthena – Limanaki

Mikri Vigla – Parthena – Limanaki

Mikri Vigla on Naxos island was used as an observation point during Frankish rule, designed to provide advance warning against pirates approaching the island.

These days it rates as one of the most gorgeous beaches on the island. A rock divides the beach into two parts, nicknamed “Limanaki” on the north side and “Sahara” on the south side.

This spot is ideal for windsurfing and is considered the island’s best location for kite surfing as the bay is sheltered and winds are suitable for flights over Naxos’s beaches.


 North Wind

Material on beach Sand
Material in water Sand
To whom the beach may appeal Kite surfing and windsurfing enthusiasts, families, youths, etc.
Directions for access May be reached via a dirt road beginning at Plaka and an asphalt road beginning at Kastraki. 
Parking Parking space available.

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