My Schinoussa: 
I’m Never Bored!

My Schinoussa: 
I’m Never Bored!

Kyra (Mrs.) Margarita, as she is known on Schinoussa, is 80 years old. A resident of the island, she has never left except to go to the doctor for the occasional medical exam. A mother of four and grandmother of 10, she recently lost her husband whom she loved dearly. “They were the model couple,” everyone says.  She worked in the fields, had the old kafenion until 1990, and, after that, a mini grocery. She makes the best rakomelo (spirit) on Schinoussa. Κyra Margarita shared her thoughts with us on “her” Schinoussa:

#1.Never bored …
“I have never been bored on the island. When I was younger I had a lot of work to do and there was no time to get bored. And I enjoyed working. When I got older, I expected I would get bored, but I didn’t! Every day is different. As the day passes there is always something to do, people to see. Time passes without realizing it.”

#2.Schinoussa is my home!

“I did not want to leave the island and migrate. Many during my time did, but I wanted to stay here! I realized that here was my home, my family. The whole island is home and family. The island has generously offered everything that I have. And in this way, I too, learned to GIVE, which is so beautiful. It was good that I stayed!”


I fell in love

“I met and married the best man in the world and had a beautiful family. If I hadn’t been on Schinoussa, then, who knows…”



“I like to sing. I feel like I’m flying when I do. I feel free as if no one can see me. I used to do it more often. And now from time to time I still do.”


Sitting on my ‘pagada’ (stone bench)

”Once the weather begins to get better, I like to sit and watch whoever passes, chatting and catching up. Time passes in a very pleasant way.”

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