My Schinoussa: Cultivating the Land

My Schinoussa: Cultivating the Land

Manolis Kovaios, fava producer, farmer and captain of the sea bus, “Aeolia” (during summer months), lives on Schinoussa.

The top five things I love about Schinoussa are:

# 1 The Island’s Terrain and Topography
“That in such a small place there are so many different, beautiful elements you cannot get bored. All you need is to open your eyes and look around.”

# 2 The Ability to Cultivate the Land
“It’s amazing to realize the power of nature. By observing it on a daily basis you gain an understanding and insight that, over time, provides you with a tremendous amount of knowledge of how nature works. It makes you feel part of this ‘natural game.’”

# 3 Meeting New People Who Visit the Island
“It’s easy to get to know the ‘newcomers’ to the island. Meeting new people is refreshing as it refreshes your contact with the world. Each time new visitors arrive, there is a chance to learn something new.”

#4 Interaction with the Locals
“The contact with local residents is easy because there are no distances. You can go out for a bit and meet people of all ages with common interests without having to arrange it in advance.”

# 5 Do Not Feel Cut from the Outside World
“Despite the fact that many people believe that we are cut off, I feel the opposite. The distance to surrounding islands is short. Naxos is very close, giving us a sense of security. We are able to have contact with the neighboring islands, too. In 20 minutes – just about the time it takes for someone who lives in Pireaus to get to Monastiraki, lets, say — we are on the isle of Iraklia to see friends.”

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