Naxos’s Geomorphology

Naxos’s Geomorphology

Naxos has an area of and a coastline of 148km.

It is a mostly mountainous island, with a widely alternating landscape (mountaintops, torrents, gorges and caves, predominantly encountered in the northwestern, northeastern and southeastern sections of the island). The flat areas (basins, plateaus, valleys) are found in the central and southwestern parts.

The greatest part of the island’s coastline is laced by pretty beaches, while almost the entire western coast is an endless string of long, sandy beaches. 

Naxos’s geological structure mainly consists of stone transformed into marble, emery, slate e.t.c..

The western section is dominated by granite, to which the beaches owe their formation.

The significant alternations in geomorphology and the climatic conditions of the hinterland make Naxos a unique island which combines the rarity of the Cycladic landscape with the beauty of mainland Greece.

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