Panagia Kera

Panagia Kera

About 1.5km SW of the settlement of Atsipapi, at Loiri on Naxos, is the 9th century Byzantine church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) Kera. Its architectural style is the rare transitional cruciform, circumscribed with a dome.

The dome is supported by arched walls resting on rectangular pillars, while in the northern section the corner cupolas feature horizontal slates.

The church also features an episcopal throne, and Byzantine frescoes have been discovered under the whitewashed internal surfaces.

A portico has been added on the western side.

A feast under the plane tree is held after mass annually on August 23, when the church celebrates.

Traces of an early or middle Byzantine settlement have been discovered in the broader area.

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Directions for access The church is 2km after Argokili on the road that comes from Koronos.


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