Prantounas Tower

Prantounas Tower

This is an imposing mansion on Naxos island, a short distance outside the village, which can be seen from afar.

The lintel above the gate, dated 1787, bears the name of its first owner, Andronikos Prantounas.

It later came under the ownership of a former mayor of Naxos, Panos Foufopoulos –by whose name it is also referred to. Next to the tower is one of the seven watermills in the area, which operated until the 1950’s.


  Throughout the year   Eggares


Info The interior of the tower is inaccessible, closed to the public.
Directions for access The uninhabited Messa Gitonia neighborhood can be reached by car. A 100m-walk will take you to the tower.
Accessibility for wheelchairs Inaccessible for wheelchairs.

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