Stravolagada Industrial Park

Stravolagada Industrial Park

This was one of the six loading stations for the emery mined in the area, and up to a few years ago was Naxos’ most environmentally abused location due to the construction of a road in the 1970’s.

Currently, a systematic effort to reclaim the landscape is underway which involves the maintenance of footpaths and the industrial railway, the renovation of buildings and the restoration of the industrial installations of the emery mines. The project, titled “Stravolagada Industrial Park,” includes:

  • The renovation of workers’ accommodation facilities and mechanical installations that will host students and pupils participating in environmental awareness programs and seeking practical experience in mining and geology.
  • The construction of new cisterns for water to irrigate the green areas planned.
  • The restoration of footpaths connecting the buildings with the workplaces.
  • Four areas for the depositing of the emery mined, depending on its quality.
  • The removal of abandoned emery heaps and the restoration of some 25 old galleries.
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Directions for access The park is 1km off the Koronos-Lionas road and there are signposted directions.
Parking Plenty of parking space.

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