The Ancient Naxos Aqueduct Tunnel between Barou and Kaminia

The Ancient Naxos Aqueduct Tunnel between Barou and Kaminia

The entry and exit points of the underground tunnel of the ancient Naxos aqueduct were discovered at the positions of Barou and Kaminia respectively after copious excavations.

This important and difficult engineering work, constructed during the initial phase of the aqueduct (late 6th century BC), was designed to also tap the waters from Kampones spring, near the exit point of the tunnel, in addition to those coming from the beginning of the aqueduct at Flerio. 

The tunnel is about 220m long, with heights of 1.40m-1.60m in the sections that have been explored.

The water flowed in a trench covered with slabs. During Roman times, two large shafts for collecting and cleansing water, now about 3.70m high, were dug near the entry and exit points of the tunnel, and were connected with built arched constructions with the entry and exit points in the rock.

Vassilis K. Lamprinoudakis

  Permanently open to the public   Flerio, Melanes
   22850 62229, 22850 22725    22850 22725
  Access is free of charge


Directions for access
  1. A Naxos public bus service (KTEL) is operated between Chora and the village of Myli (about 300m before reaching the archaeological site).
  2. The Barou position is connected via a network of old pathways with the neighboring villages of Kourounochori and Myli.
  3. A network of clearly signposted footpaths leads from the public road to the entry and exit points of the tunnel.
Parking Parking is possible on the public road.
Accessibility for wheelchairs Inaccessible for wheelchairs.

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