Kalotaritissa is a small, picturesque fishing village at the foot of Mt. Papas, in Donoussa’s northeastern tip. It has a few low, stone-built houses, with a church (Agios Georgios) in the same frugal style. A particular feature is the old juniper trees on the hills around the village. A traditional tavern operates in the summer months.

The bay of Kalotaritissa features three beaches, SapounochomaVlycho and Messa Ammos,  while  Skoulonissi islet is off its northeastern tip. A rough, uphill trail –about an hour’s walk from the settlement- will take to the site of old mines that produced zinc and calamine ore up to the early 1900’s.

The disused galleries, whose entrance is visible, should be avoided for safety reasons. The location offers excellent views of both sides of the island.

Directions for access Kalotaritissa is 12km from Stavros –the island’s main settlement- with which it is connected by road and a foot trail.

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