Koronos Olive Mills (fabrikes)

Koronos Olive Mills (fabrikes)

Two of the five old olive mills (“fabrikes” in the local dialect) that existed in Koronos village on Naxos, those of the Boulamatsades family and of the church, in the Livadaki neighborhood and very near the primary school, have been restored.

The Boulamatsades facility is a stone-built, single-storey building measuring 7.30×6.80m.

Its equipment comprises the threshing floor with the huge stone cylinder that crushed the olives, the bench on which the sacks were filled with the olives, a marble cylinder of 1845 with an ancient marble oil lamp of the 5th century on top, where the filled sacks were laid, an iron press (up until 1900 the press was wooden), a vertical wooden screw for fastening the press and a large tub in front of the press.

The facility also houses a collection of carpenter’s tools that belonged to one of the eight co-owners.

The olive mill of the church, located behind that of Boulamatsades, is similar in the content of equipment.

The other three mills cannot be visited.

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Parking Parking space is available in the courtyard of the local primary school, which is about 50m away.

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