Monastery of Panagia Ypsilotera

Monastery of Panagia Ypsilotera

The impressive, Greek Orthodox fortified monastery of Ypsilotera (or Ypsili), near Galini on Naxos, served as a center of rebellion by the locals against the repression of the Latin nobility in a number of historical instances.

Built by Iakovos Kokkos

in 1660, its particular feature is a semi-circular tower to the southwest, which is not found in other similar structures on Naxos.

The complex also retains the church, more towers and murder-holes over the gate through which the defenders would pour scalding water or rocks on the attackers.

The austerity of its external architecture gives way to more contour structures in the interior.


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Directions for access The monastery is located some 600m after the settlement of Galini, inside a ravine on the left. It is accessible either by car or on foot.

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